Bazy's Cup Finals
Sunday, May 15 2022 | 1 vs 1 | 15:00
16 / 16 Registered
Registration time 11:38
Check-in time 11:39
Start time 15:00
Game Valorant
Format Single elimination


Welcome to the Bazy's Cup Finals !

For this first edition, Bazy is organizing its tournament on Valorant, with more than 400€ in prizes to be won!

This competition will be played over two days, Saturday May 14th and Sunday May 15th.
The group stages will be played on Saturday May 14th and are open to everyone.
The final stages will be played on Sunday 15 May.

This tournament will be cast by Bazy and by the streamer ADZ.
Bazy will also win a next-gen phone on his stream.

Good luck to all, and may the best win!
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