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5 vs 5
Arena League of Legends #3
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 Tournament structure

The bracket is best of 1
Semis is best of 3
finals is best of 3

Please join our discord by clicking the ''chat'' button in the tournament panel

EUW Region only!

We will play on the most recent patch!

General rules

Admin: the admin has final say and his decision is non-debatable. Contact the admin on Discord.

Screenshots: only a screenshot with timestamp will be accepted as valid proof.

Disconnect: if a player disconnects during a game, the team captain must pause the game immediately. Timeouts (only for disconnects) can be taken no longer than 5 minutes and 2 times per game.

Scores: the team captain has to enter the score to avoid exclusion for the next tournament. Take a screenshot!

Cheating: cheating is not allowed. If a player is caught cheating, he will be banned from all Orange tournaments for a period of 1 year.

Replays: always record replays/demos for each game. 

We do not allow other teams than those who are registered and checked-in for the tournament to participate when other teams no-show. Please unregister if your team is unable to participate in the registered qualifier and/or final event.



The officials will regularly communicate with the participants via DISCORD, as such participants are required to have at least one member (team captain) on DISCORD.

1)     Team captains are required to join and communicate on Discord

2)      Admins will not reply to tournament questions in private messages if it involves items discussed in the rulebook


Eligible Players & Teams

Make sure all players are eligible to play. In team games, all players must be registered in their corresponding team. Usage of player not belonging to the team, can result in disqualification.

Each team must be 5 players who can prove their residence in Belgium for the duration of the tournament.

Players may only play under one team at a time and organizations may only field one team per competitions.

Teams are not permitted to switch players from their roster for participation at the final event. 


Since this tournament is a ‘’winner takes all’’ format, there will be no defined seeding going into the tournament. The seeding for the final event are determined by the results of the qualifiers.


No show

If your opponent does not show after 15 minutes, you must contact an admin who will make the decision of postpone or forfeit results.


Match rules – Home team

Winner of the match is decided after one single game, in which the ‘’home team’’ decides if they start red or blue (home team is the team that is shown first in the ‘’matchup’’ overview) in the custom game.

The ‘’home team’’ sets up the custom game and does everything to provide the opposing team with the information in a timely manner needed to join the custom game.

Matches should be played as example in 5on5 with 5 players, if a side is missing a player the match can be played 4on5.

Once the tournament has begun the teams are frozen, no more changes are possible.


Match rules – Pick & Ban


The picks/bans take place in competitive "draft" mode:

● Blue side = A; Red side = B

● Bans: A-B-A-B-A-B

● Picks: A-B-B-A-A-B

● Bans: B-A-B-A

● Picks: B-A-A-B


In the event of a disconnection or bugsplat when loading, the game must be paused immediately until the 10 players are connected. The players are required to use their own League of Legends account. It is impossible to use another account than the one given during registration.

Each team is allowed 2 placeholders champion picks during a tournament pick & ban phase. In case you need to use a placeholder, you are forced to tell your opponent on LoL client chat before the champion is locked in. Placeholders are used in case a player doesn't own a champion his team intends to pick in a game, the player can pick a random uncommon champ to replace that champion. Always explain clearly that the picked champ is a placeholder for another champ (has to be named). When the opponents are informed you can lock in that champion and continue the pick phase. When finished picking all champs you leave champ select and remake the lobby.


Afterwards restart champ select but each player picks now the correct champion.


Match rules – Game remakes

The reasons which may justify a game remake are at the sole discretion of the competition's admin. When remaking a game, the picks/bans remain the same except in the event of a remake due to a bug turning out to be from a champion. In this case, it is the whole game (picks/bans included) which is remade and the champion in question banned.


Match rules – forfeits

Admins reserve the right to prohibit or remove teams with sponsors or partners that are solely or widely known for pornographic, drug use or other adult/mature themes and products from partaking in the tournament at any time.


Admins reserve the right to remove teams from partaking in the tournament at any time for:

·         Toxic behavior

·         Insults towards other teams and or organizations

·         Lying, cheating and stealing

·         Unsportsmanlike conduct

In the event a team forfeits, the result is a null score for the eliminated team. Players guilty of the following will be disqualified:

● Using any kind of hack, trick, etc.

● Behaving poorly / contrary to the Summoner's Code

● Using a player that is not part of the registered team

● Using the account of another player registered on the team (account sharing)

● Not having your main (riot) account linked to your orange account

● Intentionally losing the game (feeding/throwing)

● Profiting from game bugs / using bots, etc.



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