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3 vs 3
Arena Rocket League #2
22/64 Équipes


  • Platform: Crossplay
  • Game: Rocket League
  • Arena: DFH Stadium
  • Mode: private match, 3v3
  • Time: 5 minutes
  • Server hosting:
    1. The team on the topside of the bracket will always host the private match, unless both teams agree upon otherwise.
    2. Host selects “Play Online” ⇒ select “Create Private Match”.
    3. Make sure “Joinable By” option is set to “Name/Password”.
    4. Host creates a Name & Password for players to enter.
    5. Host’s opponent select “Play Online” ⇒ select “Join Private Match”.
    6. The team on the topside of the bracket can choose the starting side.
    7. The match will then begin.

Still having trouble? Contact the admin.

General rules

  • Check-in: a team must confirm their presence via the check-in. The team captain will be able to do so 30 minutes before the official start. If the team fails to do so, it can not participate in the tournament.
  • Admin: the admin has final say and his decision is non-debatable. 
  • Screenshots: only a screenshot with timestamp will be accepted as valid proof.
  • Disconnect: if a player disconnects during a game and is not able to return or the team can't provide a registered substitute within 15 mins, the team will lose by forfeit. No exceptions. If the other team disconnects, don't leave the game until you have the confirmation of an admin that you are the winner. Take a screenshot.
  • Intentionally delaying or slowing gameplay or tampering with gameplay in any other known or unknown manner is strictly forbidden. The admins reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to disqualify the team when this occurs.
  • Timeout: timeouts can be taken no longer than 5 minutes and can happen only 2 times per game.
  • Scores: the teamcaptain has to enter the score to avoid exclusion for the rest of the tournament. Take a screenshot!
  • Cheating: cheats are not allowed. If a player is caught cheating, he will be banned from all RIV4L tournaments for a period of 1 year. His team will be banned for a period of 6 months.
  • Sides: the teamcaptain of the team on the topside of the bracket will start a coin toss. The winner of that toss can choose the starting side.
  • Replays: always record replays/demos for each game.
  • Once a team is qualified for the playoffs and/or finals, it is forbidden to play in the remaining qualifiers.
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